Three Wins

Hi there! So the past few weeks have been a whirlwind! Three conference nights, assessments, observation stuff, curriculum meetings, and all the regular stuff in between! Whew!

When things get so busy and hectic, it can be tough to reflect on things that actually went well. We had someone come into our school this week to speak about social and emotional health. She recommended that teachers take time to record three “wins” each day. I have been feeling super swamped this year, so I think I am going to give it a try. I wanted to share a quick post about three “wins” from this past week that you might be able to implement in your classroom!

First…. Making ten! I have always thought that our math program, Everyday Math, teaches combinations of 10 in a very convoluted way. We have tried pennies, using our fingers, counters, you name it. These strategies are all good for helping the students understand the concept, but in my experience, most kids could not master the skill. So, this week, I decided to switch it up. We made a rainbow to show the combinations of 10. The best part is, it was SO easy, and the kids LOVED it. I had my students trace their fingers over the rainbow in both directions when saying the numbers that add to 10. They were so excited and kept saying, “This is like art in math class!” “This is so easy now!” It was AWESOME. Just goes to show that sometimes you have to just throw the math program out the window! My kids keep this in their math folder and take it our to use as a reference when working on this skill in a game, on a journal page, etc.! It totally helped to solidify the concept.



Win Number Two – Turkeys! It is that time of year again. We have been doing all sorts of turkey fun. My favorite from this week was reading aloud Turkey Trouble and doing a little response to the story. My first graders came up with ideas for how a turkey could escape being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. They were so excited when I told them that they could be silly! The creative juices were definitely flowing. I got some hilarious ideas, like fly him to the moon, dress him up in costumes, and dig an underground hiding spot until Thanksgiving is over! This activity is part of my Terrific Turkeys writing pack! Click the link to take you to my TpT store!


And finally, win #3 from this week, is that all my students have officially started Accelerated Reader, know how to log on, take their test, and print their test (for the most part)! Achieving this is always a long, tiring, patience-testing process. I also gave out  my first reading crown this week! Wooohoooo. Do you use AR? I have leveled baskets in my room and tell the kids which baskets they are allowed to choose from. It is easy differentiation, and really motivates the kids to read! When my students earn ten points, they get this gem to celebrate their success. It is a REALLY big deal. I gave out my first reading crown this week! I wish I would have snapped a picture of it – I will try to do that next time! They can also wear it whenever they want – not just the day they earn it! By the end of the year, I have a class full of confident reading crown-wearing kids!  I highly recommend using AR as a supplement in your classroom!

Well, that’s about all for now! I am going to try to be more conscious of “wins” in my teaching, and regular life! I think you should too!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Emily MG



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