Gingerbread Fun!

Hi there! It’s that crazy holiday time of year again! Lately, I have been taking a break from the same old, same old to do some festive holiday activities! One of my favorite holiday units is The Gingerbread Man! Who knew you could do so much based off this classic folktale? Reading, writing, math, you name it!

We have been super busy working on many first grade skills with a Gingerbread twist! Here are some of my favorites from the past few days.  There are so many great versions of this story! Of course, we compared and contrasted two versions. I love the Gingerbread Baby! This really got us using some higher order thinking skills!



For writing, we worked on adding describing words to our writing. First, we decorated our gingerbread person and added color, shape, size, and number describing words. The kids were ecstatic to TASTE gingerbread cookies (no, not homemade… just picked up at the grocery store!) and add taste words to their descriptions, too! After adding the describing words, we wrote descriptive sentences about our ginger-people. They came out so cute!

gingerbread gingerbreaddescribingwords


To top off our gingerbread extravaganza, the students wrote book reviews for their favorite version!
gingerbread book review


We all know there is so much to do for literacy skills with The Gingerbread Man, but what about math? The kids loved playing Gingerbread vs. Fox roll, add, and color math game! This was a great way to practice addition skills and race to see who wins! It was intense.



We also practiced measuring a path using gingerbread men! I threw down some tape to make “the Gingerbread Man’s path” on the floor. The kids measured each line segment, and added them up to find the total length! This was a really engaging, hands-on, cooperative math lesson, and so much more fun than using paper clips, as suggested by the math program!

gingerbreadmeasureI hope this helps to give you some ideas for Gingerbread fun in your own classroom! No time to prep? Click here to grab my Gingerbread Print-and-Go Activities! It will be discounted for a limited time. Happy Holidays!

Emily MG

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