First Post…. Bats!

Hi there! I’m Emily, and I’m so excited to be teaming up with Laura on this blog! Laura was my mentor teacher for my first two years of teaching first grade. She taught first grade for her whole career and therefore taught me all the important stuff that you need to know. For example, how to use a Smart Board (her technology skills are AWESOME), how to assess reading skills, how to work with parents, how to sing a song for every part of first grade, and how to solve MANY mysteries in the boys’ bathroom….. Ha! I am in my sixth year teaching first grade, and when I think back on those first two years, it is crazy to think how I ever survived! Laura is such an inspiration and I’m so thankful for her guidance when I was just starting out!

Anyways, my first post is about bats! Do you like bats? I always thought they were pretty terrifying until I started teaching a bat unit every October. Now I think they are really neat! This week, we went bat-crazy. We researched bats using some great resources, like bat nonfiction books and a Scholastic News issue. If you do not subscribe to Scholastic News, I would highly recommend it! Great informational text, and the online component is awesome! You can just throw it right up on an interactive whiteboard. Each issue is available online with a little video, vocabulary words, and a game!

We also dove into this great book! It is loaded with fascinating facts about bats and really great photographs, too.


Next, we compiled our research onto this cute graphic organizer. I love are/can/have charts. They make research so simple for the kids.



We used these graphic organizers to write bat reports. They came out beautifully! Check out the bat drawings. I love kid art! The bats don’t look so scary, do they?

We integrated lots more bat activities this week. We compared fiction to nonfiction text features using the classic book, Stellaluna, tied in math with some graphing, sorted true and false bat facts, wrote about what life would be like if WE were bats, and lots more!

Grab this bat writing paper for free below, or check out my Fantastic Bats mini unit in my TpT store! Everything is printable and ready to go! I hope your class goes as batty for bats as mine does!   Emily MG

Bat Writing Paper

Fantastic Bats Unit




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